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Sukiyaki Recipe

Alan408 | Sep 24, 2004 04:24 PM

There was a request (buried in another thread) on the Not about food board for a Sukiyaki recipe.

Sukiyaki is similar to stew or meatloaf, in that there is no one recipe. This is from a 1960s church cookbook.

Thinly sliced beef: I get ribeye, from a Japanese grocery store.
Itakonnyaku (aka shirataki)
Takenoko (aka bamboo shoots)
Green Onions

Broth: 1 c sugar, 1/2 c mirin, 1 tsp MSG, 1c H20, 1/2 c shoyu.

Scrambled egg, 1 per person, multiple ways to use the egg. Make scrambled eggs with any of the above ingredients or just the broth. Eat the eggs with steamed rice. Or use the raw scramble egg as a dipping sauce (this is what my father did, I would scramble the eggs in the broth after we were done cooking in it).

Variations I have done include adding dashi to the broth (I use Kikkoman Memmi), spinach, steamed baby bok choi, nappa cabbage, lotus root, bean sprouts.

Put the broth in a shallow frying pan, I use an electric frying pan centered on the kitchen table. Keep the depth of the broth at ~1/2-1" deep, keep the temperature of the broth at a simmer. Each diner places the food they want in the broth, remove when cooked. We do this on a continous basis, vs. cooking all of the food at once.

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