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many suggestions for film festival week in Montreal needed


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many suggestions for film festival week in Montreal needed

meg944 | Aug 24, 2006 08:17 PM

We are heading up from NY to Montreal for the film festival next Thursday-Tuesday (31 August – 5 September.) We will be staying at the Hyatt on Jeanne Mance (festival headquarters, right near the museum of modern art.) Neil and I are going, and we will be with (but not joined at the hip to) four other friends. We are unquestionably the chow hounds of the group; the others are somewhat more limited in both funds and adventurous taste buds, though only one is truly cautious. So far, we have only booked two dinners – Friday night at Brunoise for the two of us and Sunday night for all six at Au Pied de Cochon. We have been to both before and loved them. (PDC was a place we found via Chowhound, so thanks!) So that leaves room for 3 other dinners, 5 brunch/lunch outings and an unknown amount of cocktails/wine/coffee/bubble tea/ice cream, etc. etc. We are looking for:

1) An inexpensive, casual place near the hotel for Thursday night. Pizza or the like would be great. Basically, after the trip we doubt people will want to make any sort of production out of dinner, but we also don’t want to wind up eating lousy food court food.

2) A place or two for dim sum. Based on previous Chowhound recs we have tried Ruby Rouge before, and quite enjoyed it, especially the baby squid and salt shrimp, but we’re up for someplace new if there are other suggestions. We also went to (I think) Kam Fung once, but I think we were there too early, before the carts really got going en masse. So that might be worth a retry.

3) A place for lunch in the Old City, as we will probably spend an afternoon there. I saw the recommendation for Olive et Gourmando so that may be our choice there, but other recs are welcome.

4) Suggestions for a quick but tasty lunch in Jean Talon for Tuesday, when we will load up at Fromagerie Hamel before heading home. In the past we have just picked up this or that in the market and that has been fine, but we’re open to suggestions in case we’re missing something cool.

5) Suggestions for pre-dinner drinks, ideally not far from the hotel, or near the restaurant for that night. We would prefer that it not be a sports bar kind of place. We are all in our 30’s and drink choices range from a teetotaler to a homebrewer, the woman who only drinks Merlot to the couple with 50 cases of wine in the basement. If there is a place w/ drinks and good food, all the better.

6) Tapas or tapas-style food, fairly inexpensive if possible, so we can hopefully take advantage of the larger group to try 25 different things.

7) A good but not daring place for the rest of the group to go where we are at Brunoise. A good steak place, for instance, would probably be great.

8) Breakfast/brunch suggestions in the area, other than dim sum. (The guys really wanted to try a crepe place but we have never seen any, and I just read on here that they are passé.)

9) Places we might stop in mid-afternoon to sit for a bit during a break between movies (café, ice cream, bubble tea, etc.)

10) Any other places we’ll kick ourselves for missing!

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