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Suggestions for dinner for German guests in U.S.


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Suggestions for dinner for German guests in U.S.

Goldendog | Apr 6, 2013 08:07 PM

My wife's aunt and uncle(70) and cousin (21) will be visiting here in Michigan in May. As chief household cook, I'm in charge of serving dinner for the 3 days they will be staying with us. I would like to serve up something that would be different from typical German home cooking but I know absolutely zero about what 'typical' might be. I assume Germany has most of the various world cuisines available as we do in America (pizza, Chinese, various fast foods, etc). I have thought grilled foods and southwestern dishes might work but I'm very much in uncharted waters here and don't want to make something Germans may generally dislike. This will only be our second time meeting them in 35 years (yes, I hope to impress) so I could use some ideas from my friends here at Chowhound. I don't want to cop out and serve the meat and potato dishes my wife believes they normally have.

p.s. I am an experienced cook and make just about everything from fresh pastas and breads to sushi so any suggestion could fly.

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