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Suggestion for a Polishing Stone for Knives


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Suggestion for a Polishing Stone for Knives

Chemicalkinetics | Feb 25, 2011 07:36 PM

Thanks in advance. This is probably only for a handful of people here, but I think I need some suggestions. I had been debating if I should get a high grit polishing stone, and I have decided that I will. Currently, my highest is a Naniwa Super 5000 grit stone. I am considering:

a) Kitayama 8000:

Like: Great reputation, relatively inexpensive, produces a shiny but slightly haze-like surface.
Concern: the permanent stand

b) Naniwa Super 10 000:

Like: Good reputation, produces an extremely bright shiny mirror finish, softer than Kitayama I read
Concern: Mirror finished bevel does not equal to great performance

c) Imanishi 10 000:

Like: Dave Martell touted about it, not too expensive, a slightly haze-like finish
Concern: Not very well known. The little reputation it has could be inflated.

Natural stones sounds fun too, but I know so little about them that I am sure that I am not ready.


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