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Low or no sugar homemade bacon recipe?


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Low or no sugar homemade bacon recipe?

curiousaboutcafos | Mar 23, 2014 02:35 PM

Hi I am wanting to make homemade bacon and am curious if there are any recipes with low to no sugar? The goal with this is to have it taste like supermarket, Farmer John bacon, minus the inhumane pig treatment, table salt, etc.

Here are some important concepts to stick with:
-I am using wild boar bellies
-I would like to use sea salt instead of table salt; I could settle with kosher too
-Low to no sugar preferred; I know the big name brands offer these varieties so I know this is possible; and if it matters the sugar will be organic, I mention because organic sugar has different properties than typical refined sugar
-I DO want to do the typical cure, I do not fear the nitrates/nitrites but have no problem with a celery cure or other types as long as the result tastes like either typical supermarket Farmer John or organic Applegate bacon

Those are the basic "rules" I'd like to abide by. If anyone can direct me to any sort of recipes, books, or websites that could help me with process I'd greatly appreciate it!

I will be buying a smoker too and since I don't know much about these would greatly appreciate any advice with this part too!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time spent helping me with this; if the recipe becomes "famous" you bet I will credit anyone who helped me!

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