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Back to Subway's "Lobster Sub"

FoodGuyToo | Apr 26, 201201:58 PM

I noticed a thread on this subject of a few years back but we have just recently seen the ads for this sandwich on our TVs here in the SC Lowcountry. Since they have a current sale on BOGO before 9 AM, I decided to go try the "new" sandwich. COMPLETE FARCE! First, they laughed at me and told me they have never sold Lobster Subs but they did have a Crab Sub. Since I couldn't convince them I had seen it on TV, I just gave in and ordered the Crab (I love it almost as good as Lobster). I wound up with what I believe to be a sandwich with the fake crab meat that is on ever salad bar of every chain buffet and Chinese place. It was ok, but nothing to get excited about. Glad it was half-price or I would have been sorely disappointed. I found it strange that the the workers were not familiar with this add.

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