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On the subject of a cup of tea....rant!


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On the subject of a cup of tea....rant!

Richie | Jan 7, 2004 05:49 AM

Does this happen to anyone else? Are non tea drinkers just plain ignorant? Lately when I eat out and order tea I have been asked if I would like more water for my used tea bag. HELLO! Don't they realize that after one use the tea bag is washed out and no good anymore. Do they run water threw the ground coffee a second time and offer that to patrons ordering a second cup of coffee?????
I was recently in Andre's in the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas and they asked me if I wanted more hot water for my used teabag. I was giving the restaurant thumbs up until that incident.
I think next time I am going to ask if there is a charge for a fresh teabag when they don't charge for a second cup of coffee.
While I am still hot does anyone else notice how badly tea tastes when eating out. The water is never hot enough to begin with.
I hate to be like the old movies but I am tempted to bring my own tea with me and just ask for a cup of hot water the next time I eat out! I know this will seem cheap but I like what I like and weak bad tasting tea is not one of them.

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