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Stupid food Blunders with Disgusting Results


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Stupid food Blunders with Disgusting Results

StriperGuy | Sep 20, 2002 11:34 AM

This is the worst Stupid Food Blunder that I know of:

A friend in college actually was there for this culinary fiasco.

Some friends were whipping up a chinese-style stir-fry as college kids often do.

Everything was sizzling along nicely and they knew that you are supposed to thicken the sauce a bit, typically with corn starch.

These particular buffoons were out of corn starch however. They figured "white powder in a cardboard box, baking soda ought to do the trick..."

They apparently added several tablespoons if baking soda which caused the aforementioned stir-fry to foam profusely! In fact, the brownish soy sauce tinted foam started to cascade over the edge of the wok.

They realized when it foamed that perhaps something was amiss.

My buddy said it was basically disgusting, the salty chemical taste of the baking soda overwhelmed everything else. But being poor college kids they ate the darned mess...

Anybody else with stories of "Stupid food Blunders with Disgusting Results."

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