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Very strong homemade vinegar...


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Very strong homemade vinegar...

EP | Sep 17, 2003 11:28 AM

After reading some posts to this board back in April, I decided to try my hand at making red wine vinegar. To get it started, I combined some 'live' red wine vinegar with a bottle of Rosemount Shiraz in a gallon jar and covered with cheese cloth. After a month or two, I had a pretty good mother going. I've since added all types of red, nothing great, nothing horrible. The jar lives in a cabinet in the basement, dark, consistent temprature. The resulting vinegar seems very strong, much stronger than the vinegar I started with, can't hardly make a vinegarette out if it. Tasting it, I get the same sensation I do when tasting fresh lemon juice, very tart. I poured off a bottle from the main jug and set it aside for about 3 months thinking it might mellow.... no luck... it fired up a nice mother of its own but I never added any new wine to that bottle. Any ideas as to why it is so strong or what can be done to mellow it out?

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