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Stringy avocadoes--what can we do?

butterfat | Jan 12, 200601:24 PM

Has anyone else noticed that avocadoes are not what they used to be? Growing up in the 80s, making guacamole was always my task. Avocadoes always seemed then to be either ripe or not-ripe. I don't remember the horrible stringiness I often find in avocadoes today. Today the avocado I opened was full of brown-colored strings, particularly unpleasant. (I'm on a special diet which avocadoes are a big part of, so I'm particularly frustrated by this situation.)

I know I should just complain to my supermarket, but does anyone have any large-picture perspective on this issue? Do you know what causes the strings or how we can tell the growers that this is not okay? I'd rather pay more for good avocadoes.

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