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Strange & frustrating dinner at Kashiwa (Mamaroneck)

PlasticMoonRain | Mar 3, 2012 06:43 PM

With Groupon ready to use on my iPhone, I tool the family tonight to the umpteenth new Asian fusion place in Mamaroneck, Kashiwa. While it was good for the rest of my party, for me, it was rather bizarre and frustrating, It was our first time there, and I am not sure I want to go back.

The restaurant is clearly in a rush to get you in and out as fast as possible, and I felt that way from the second I sat down.

We made reservations for 7:45 pm, arrived right on the dot, although I had to drop my family off first since Saturday night parking in Mamaroneck is ridiculous. I arrived about 10 minutes later, and sat down with my family. The place was busting. I don't think I was sitting for more than 2 minutes when the waitress - Celine - came up to us and said " Are you ready to order?" I replied, no, I just sat down, please come back.

I figured out what I wanted and Celine was back to take our order. I ordered two sushi rolls and the house mei fun. She asked if I wanted anything brought out first or to bring it out all together. I said, bring the sushi out first.

In about 7 minutes, my sushi arrived along with the rest of the appetizers.

Two minutes later, they delivered the main courses -- except mine.

We barely had time to eat the appetizers when the main courses came to the table. It was like they were trying to set a speed record, which I found mildly annoying.

I finished my sushi, which was good, and my family was both finishing their appetizers and starting their main courses.

Several minutes went by -- no mei fun.

I flagged Celine over to ask where my dish was. She said she's be check on it.

She went into the kitchen and came back out twice to deliver things to other tables. I flagged her over again. By the time, my family was more than half way through their meals.

"If the mei fun is not going to be ready in the next minute," I told Celine, "forget it."

I didn't want to be served my meal way after my family had been eating their for a while.

Celine left and came about 30 seconds later, saying in a very straightforward way, "It's not going to be ready. Would you like to cancel the order?"

I said yes, and she proceeded to take away all the dishes in front of me, including my silverware.

I ended up taking the remaining udon shrimp from my son, and chicken dish from my wife. I used my chopsticks and borrowed somebody's fork.

There was never an apology throughout the entire evening.

When we got the bill, I noticed that in addition to the $40 Groupon discount, they took off another $15.

I didn't leave much of a tip.

While the food was good and my family was happy, I found the incredible rush of the service, my missing main course, and lack of apology a pretty big turn-off. With six Asian places down this road, you'd think Kashiwa would have their act together as the last one to arrive on the scene.

I am really not quite motivated to go back there again.

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