Just got a strange all clad 8 inch. There is no pitch?


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Just got a strange all clad 8 inch. There is no pitch?

mmdad | Sep 30, 2009 03:19 AM

I just got my set of allclad in and I had an 8 inch which I returned to get the set. The one I returned had the standard all clad style pitch that many people love and many people hate.

The new one has zero pitch. Its the same handle and the same pan essentially from what I can tell but no pitch. It feels odd to me as I am used to a pitch.

I am wondering if All-Clad is changing their handle style. The set left the factory in june so its really new. I live 25 minutes from the factory so I might see stuff quicker than other parts of the country.

Anyway at first I thought it was bent and was expecting an S for second stamp. I don't know why that would have slipped into the set but I didn't know. Anyway everything checks out other than the pitch.

Here is what my original looked like and here is what every advertisement looks like. They advertise it with that all clad pitch.

The new one's handle is like the julia child omelette pan

Just curious if this is a change in their products? I am not sure I like it. I love the other pieces and don't want to return the set. Maybe they are trying to make it like a "traditional omelette pan" I am not sure if traditional has a pitch or not so I am just guessing.

So my question: Is All-Clad changing their handle styles? Is this piece supposed to be a traditional omellete pan therefore no pitch?

I have contacted customer service but that is always slow going. I am waiting for a reply.

I don't want to use it until I know the answer, I am sure I can get use to it but who knows.

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