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storing parmagiano-reggiano UGH!


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storing parmagiano-reggiano UGH!

cheese-freak | Nov 7, 2004 09:43 PM

I just bought some 36 month old P-R and I am stupified by how many different "methods" there are to storing it. refrigerate, don't........wax paper, no, tight plastic wrap. gimmee a frickin break!

my hunk is currently wrapped in wax paper, in a ziploc, and resting in the veggie drawer. (should I put the setting on dry or moist.

as aside, I used to keep it in a dark place in saran and one day it was all moldy........boy was I pissed.

sometimes I try to makes thing last long and I ultimately forget about them.

oh, and did I mention that my taste exceeds my budget? :)

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