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Stinging nettles - I cooked them and lived!


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Stinging nettles - I cooked them and lived!

Nyleve | Jun 9, 2006 11:09 AM

For years I've wanted to try stinging nettles - ever since I discovered that they were not only allegedly delicious but also a classic ingredient in Italian cooking. Every year I would watch - with some discomfort - a patch of the cursed weed grow along the edge of our field. Every year I would forget it was there and walk through it (ouch ouch ouch ouch).

So yesterday, wearing heavy garden gloves, I picked a small grocery bag full of the stuff. I washed them in a sinkful of water, poking them around with tongs. Then I steamed them lightly which - miracle of miracles - destroys the stingers, and then I chopped them and cooked them in a risotto. It was really delicious. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, you could cook poison ivy in risotto and I would think it was delicious - and much of the flavour of the nettles was lost in the cooking. But there was a faint spinachy taste - very dark green and quite nice. Dinner guests were highly impressed.

And they're supposed to be extremely healthy. Full of vitamins and minerals.

Just wanted to share.

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