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Non stick,or Anodized?, how about Calphalon knives?


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Non stick,or Anodized?, how about Calphalon knives?

jword2001 | May 19, 2007 06:47 PM

I am on a budget,and want to get one good skillet for eggs,steaks(pan seared,finished in the oven),fish,and just any stove top cooking i don't do in my cast skillet,i have been looking at the Calphalon, Anodized,and the Non stick, which would you recommend?,and why,(I am aware of the high heat issue with Teflon)my next dilemma is ,I need/want one good knife, after reading various mfg's info ,I am drawn again to Calphalon, namely the Contemporary 7" Santoku knife,your thoughts on this?,and lastly after shopping some of the sites on line, i am tempted to go to the local BB&B to buy them,any one have a better,more economical idea?,thank you.

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