The Best Non-stick Skillet Coating Ever (Teflon Silverstone Select)... and a conspiracy theory.

J_Rean | Apr 30, 201510:10 AM     1

There are many discussions on Chowhound searching for the best top-end nonstick skillet. I'm here to tell you that my family owns two contenders. They were cheap, and they are never discussed. They are both a Wearever brand skillet with the Teflon Silverstone Select interior coating produced during the late 1990's. I purchased mine, aluminum with the baked enamel exterior, in 2001. My mother purchased hers in 1999 with the anodized aluminum exterior. These pans now have over 1000 cycles each through the dishwasher and the interior surface still releases like the day they were bought. My exterior looks new like well, but my mom's is getting ugly. I think the anodized aluminum slowly deteriorates in the harsh dishwasher environment. These pans were marketed with the label "safe for metal utensils". That's was a lie. Mine has a couple of cooking surface scratches from rubbing up against other things in the dishwasher. However, by using low-medium heat and not using metal, this pan will last nearly forever. In they same timeframe I have owned top end nonstick skillets from All Clad, Scanpan, Calphalon and Analon, and treated each with non-metal utensil and only low-to-medium heat, but they slowly deteriorate. My Wearever has outlasted them all, combined!

Now for the conspiracy theory. You can't find a new Teflon Silverstone Select skillet anywhere (I keep an eye out for them.) I think Dupont made a few skillets with this coating, and realized they would put themselves out of business. The pans were simply too good. Why build the perfect coating when you can market more expensive coatings that don't last?

So does anyone else have a Silverstone Select skillet story to tell? Does anyone know a location where I can buy more today?

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