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Non-stick frying pan suggestion?

dartmouth05 | May 25, 200810:46 AM

Hi all. I loved my Calphalon 12" Frying Pan (said 1392 on the bottom-I think it's this one: http://www.amazon.com/Calphalon-Comme... ). Unfortunately, despite never putting it in the dishwasher, the non-stick finish is starting to flake off when I use my sponge on it. :( I got it on sale almost three years ago, and I was rather expecting it to last longer.

So-I need a new frying pan. I use this pan for just about everything. I know, I know, I should theoretically not use non-stick for things that require browning, but I am trying to cook with less oil or butter (as I am trying to lose weight) and I don't eat red meat at all. What I liked about my current pan was that it had a great weight, it was big, eggs never stuck, chicken breasts cooked really well in it, and it cleaned off pretty easily. What I don't like was that it was so expensive even on sale, and would have been more had it NOT been on sale, and yet only lasted three years with light to medium use.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement that will be a familiar experience to my old pan, but hopefully either be more durable, or a LOT cheaper?

I'd consider paying more for a frying pan that is dishwasher safe, it seems like a nice feature, but otherwise, I'd like an economical choice! :P

Oh, and if it matters for your recommendations, I'm using this with an electric burner.

Thanks for your help!

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