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How do steakhouses cook steak?


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How do steakhouses cook steak?

Howard_2 | Aug 31, 2007 11:15 AM

Can anyone here state for certain how high-quality steak houses cook steak?

My understanding is that you get the best cooking from charcoal, because it´s much hotter than gas. So do steakhouses use charcoal? If so, then is venting a problem? Charcoal produces a lot of carbon monoxide, and it would have to be carefully vented.

And what about those grille marks on steak? You´d have to turn it over VERY carefully to get the grill marks in that nice cross-hatch pattern. I´m always very suspicious of that pattern, because I know that many food establishments have a kind of branding iron they use to apply that finish to steaks, chicken breast, etc.

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