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Starbucks Fall Pastries


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Starbucks Fall Pastries

Amuse Bouches | Sep 5, 2007 02:45 PM

So I went to Starbucks yesterday (so sue me - there's one in my office building and at 90+ degrees, one of those iced blueberry white teas sounded mighty appealing) and found the release of fall drinks -- the pumpkin spice lattes. I passed on the pumpkin spice (didn't really appeal in this weather) but couldn't resist the new pastries -- in addition to last year's pumpkin cream cheese muffin (OK) and pumpkin scone (good but sweet) they are offering a pumpkin empanada (I succumbed to this - basically like a piece of pumpkin pie but portable and quite tasty) and a couple of pastries designed by Marcus Samuelsson of NYC's Aquavit -- Chocolate Cinnamon bread and a somewhat pedestrian looking caramel apple cake.

Anyone else tried these? Any feedback?

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