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Standing Rib Roast - Question: Internal Temp. and Resting

rachel83706 | Dec 4, 2011 11:11 AM

I haven't cooked a standing rib roast in at least 5 years and I really want to attempt it again. Even though I consider myself to be a pretty good cook - the standing rib roast scares me half to death! It is so expensive, there is no room for error ... on top of that, if you are brave enough to attempt to search for a recipe out of 10 recipes you will find 10 people who claim they know how to cook the perfect roast and every one will be completely different.

Cook high. Cook low. Turn the oven off etc etc. Not all of these are home cooks either! (It seems even the professionals disagree)

I just read something that really confused me though. Ok, we all know that the internal temp of your meat will rise during rest. Usually 5-10 degrees. I just read something very new to me. He said the longer you let your meat rest, the higher the temperature will go so we should never rest more than 20 mins ... Is this true?

I finally decided on a recipe from Serious Eats (which is a normal person's version of America's Test Kitchen) and he said you can rest the meat up to 90mins if you need to ... he didn't say anything about the temp spiking up that much ...

So who do I believe?

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