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Stand Mixer, Bread Maker, or Ice Cream/Sorbet Maker?


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Stand Mixer, Bread Maker, or Ice Cream/Sorbet Maker?

Kitchen Imp | Sep 20, 2006 09:54 PM

I have some birthday $$ which I want to use to buy a kitchen appliance.

I already have a Cuisinart which I don't use nearly as often as I should. For some reason, I still chop everything by hand -- just can't get used to the idea of automation in that arena -- and I haven't explored its other capabilities yet. (Tips and tricks welcome!)

I've narrowed my choices down to a stand mixer, a bread maker, and an ice cream maker. I'd love to hear people's experiences with all three of these things. The mixer, I can pretty much guess how well it will work. But what about bread makers & ice cream makers? Are you happy with what you end up with? Is it worth the $$? Any brand suggestions? Also, are a stand mixer & Cuisinart redundant?

This post may belong on Not About Food, though I'm really wanting people's comments on useful these items are in their home cooking.

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