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The Stairs and Food :(


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The Stairs and Food :(

lisa | Feb 2, 2006 11:03 PM

I am so, so frustrated at the moment. After spending the evening baking three cakes for my mother in law's birthday (the moistest, lighthest lemon polenta with marscapone and limoncello, Nigella's clementine cake for which I substituted two gorgeous Temple oranges, and a dark chocolate peanut butter layer cake) as I was carefully coming down the stairs so I could store them in my basement....I slipped on one of my toddler's toys and the two cakes I was holding (my faves, incidentally, the lemon polenta and the orange cake) went flying. They completely fell out of their springform pans and even though the saran wrap stayed affixed to the surfaces, both were completley damaged. The polenta cake was so moist and crumbly that it was impossible to put back into the pan and the orange cake lost about a third of it's mass and that part got crushed under the weight of the other pan. I am so, so utterly upset. God knows there are worse things in this world, but I had invested about four hours and I am so bummmed.

Anyway it felt cathartic just to write this and I feel like an idiot with these childish tears streaming down my face, but I'm sure someone can relate.

Maybe I can make some sort of trifle out of the polenta mess :(

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