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Spring produce, What is in season now.


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Spring produce, What is in season now.

Brandon Nelson | Apr 30, 2001 12:25 AM


So glad to I wasn't alone with the seasonal produce. I'm also glad to see those that don't know the seasonal fare are eager to learn. Since this is my sort of thing I thought I would drop a list of Spring items on the board.

Green Garlic- Don't miss out on this stuff. Young fresh garlic has a much softer flavor than the dried bulbs do.

Asparagus- Theres a ton of recipes on a recent thread. This stuff should be dispayed in clean fresh water in the supermarket. Stagnant water accerlerates decay. Smell the tips they should smell fresh and "grassy" You can often smell it going bad before you see it. This isn't a worry at most farmers markets, as the product tends to be fresher.

Peas- I sort of count these as the sign that spring has arrived.

Fava Beans- Favas have a short season. Pay attention so you don't miss out when they show up. The youngest ones are already gone where I live.

Beets- These are a lot like corn, the sugar starts to turn to starch as soon as they are picked. Buy them with the tops on, as old beet tops decay long before the roots. try your favorite "greens" recipe on the tops, they are edible.

Avocados- My aunt from Southern California came up to visit and brought some from her tree.

Carrots- Buy them with the tops on. The roots can keep for a loooooooong time. The tops are the only wat to judge freshness.

Rhubarb- A great companion for berries! Remember that the leaves are toxic!

Strawberries- There are local berries of great quality available in Northern California right now. Other hounds will have to post @ the rest of the nation.

Mesclun- It's salad time! You will see lettuce varieties at the farmers markets you will NEVER see at the store!

Spinach- See the above listing, it hold true for spinach too.

Turnips- We harvested the last of ours out of my parents garden, but I know that California tend to run ahead of most places seasonally.

Apricots and Cherries will be available in 6 to 8 weeks, weather permitting.

I hope someone out there find this useful.


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