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Spring Break Mexican celebration San Diego

kare_raisu | Mar 19, 200811:12 PM

I have a great friend in my History of Mexico class whose passion for the culture of Mexico no doubt surpasses mine. His family hails from Guadalajara, Jalisco and I wanted to show him the beauty of Mexican cuisine to be had in our city. It was probably one of the most amazing, fun entire days I have had in recent history. So here it goes:

>>Menuderia Don Vicente<<
Asked as to whether he liked Menudo, his answer was the best ever: " I love menudo." So I picked him and his brother up along with a girlfriend and we headed down to Menuderia Don Vicente in National City for a world class Mexican breakfast.

There we met my friend from my Spanish class, whose only menudo eaten previously was if the Fillipino variety. The three of us had M. rojo. My friends brother and girlfriend had the birria de res which was accompanied by delicious looking frijolitos de la Olla with chile strips and epazote I belive. They may have even been borrachos.

This place is consistently delicious. Hot immaculate broth was soothing to the throat and the tortillas made by hand are meal worthy alone. I like the cinnamon coffee here very much as well.

>>Honey Bannanas<<
Next up was the Tejuino run up street on Highland where the mother and son team cranked out five refreshing drinks for us. Tart, salty, mildy sweet and with a thicker body this drinks satisfies on many levels. A tour of Mexican cuisine in SD, for me would neccistate an inclusion of this rare elixer.

>>Gaslamp Wine Store<<
My friend Antonio had also expressed an interest in regards to Baja wine. So I thought it would be the perfect oppotunity to finally pick up a bottle of LA Cetto Nebbiolo. We had this later in the day with some cigarellos. This is a fantastic bottle, not sweet with rich blackberry tones. Check it out if you are in the mood to investigate our neighbor to the south's vino offering.
We went to Mission Beach to soak up the sun and we even rode the roller coaster which was great and something I have not done since I was twelve :^)

>>Super Cocina<<
We had are late almuerzo here - where we shared tacos of the mole, chicken enchiladas, chicharron, barbacoa de pollo and lengua en salsa verde. The lengua was amazing - the first time I have seen it here. The great soft texture of the tongue was juxtaposed against a bright sweet tomatillo sauce that had a spicy finish. The part of Nebbiolo we sneeked in paired beautifully with the rich ailmentos.

We went to Old Town in the hope of catching some Mariachi which we were able to for a little while. Interesting to play tourist in your own city every once in a while!

>> Late Night Taco run at La Princesa<<
THANK YOU CLAYFU AND KIRK for reporting on this place. I bow down before you both with the blessing of the great taco gods!
I hesistate to say that these are likely some of the best taquero style street tacos I have had in San Diego...but dios mio they are!
We were coming back home to Linda Vista and we got to talking about the place - which was highly esteemed by friends and family of my classmate.

Our hours later post Super Cocina induced food coma dissapated into thin air upon rolling up to the grilled meat perfumed air emaniting from the taco trailer of wonders. Ay! :^)

2 Azada
2 Cabeza
2 Pastor

When you want to enter the gates of culinary nirvana and asked for a password please respond with those words.

Azada - we dressed with the flavorful tomato enriched roasted arbol. Great garlic undercurrent to the juicy meat. Only knock - slightly salty but pleasing paired with the herbal cilantro.

Pastor - my friends favorite, my second. Crisp pork that was marinated. But very different to the rich red colored slightly sweet pastor I am used to. Great different style.

Cabeza - One of the best tacos I have ever had. OMG with that avocado-tomatillo salsa and rich swarthy steamed, juicy meat. Perfectly oiled and sweated corn tortillas. My hands were shaking.

We just kept on throwing mouthful glances at each other in disbelief. So good...
We left the scene with smiles from ear to ear feeling like we commited some sort of a sin.

Good times in the city of San Diego.

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