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Splitting the bill etiquitte PRIOR to the dinner


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Splitting the bill etiquitte PRIOR to the dinner

jessicheese | Aug 9, 2010 10:20 AM

I'm hoping to be arranging a dinner with about 15-20 people at a local tapas place and am curious for advice on the billing of the meal. In my group we sometimes split the bill evenly and sometimes split based on who ordered what. Sometimes there are people that order more drinks or more expensive items than everyone else, or those who always seem to fall a few bucks short from everyone else.

My question is: Is it rude to state the billing procedures prior to a dinner? i was thinking that in the general email invitation I would state that because it's tapas and everyone will be sharing plates and pitchers together, we would be splitting the check evenly. This way people go in knowing the situation and there aren't any uncomfortable moments when the check comes. Then again, would it be more fair to split the food and ask people to pay for their drinks? I'm curious for thoughts on the etiquette of this....

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