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Spin off Best Post on CH for 2014... Suggestion for Chow

jrvedivici | Dec 29, 201408:50 AM     7

Phreddy's thread about the Best Post on CH for 2014 reminded me of an idea/suggestion I had for awhile now but have neglected to post. Why not put those lil blue hearts, which everyone LOVES so much, to a more fruitful purpose. Once a comment or thread receives say 20 hearts it moves itself to a "Best of Chow" board.

So if someone just wants to see what's happening or popular on Chow at any given time (I've personally found little use for the recommended at the bottom of the page) you can go to the "Best of Board" where all the hot topics or comments would be listed.

Click on some comment or thread that seems of particular interest to you (and many others or it wouldn't be there) and it takes you directly to the comment in whatever thread it originated in.

Often times there are very useful comments or sub-topics that arise in a thread that you never know are int here unless you go through line by line. This would help place what we, the users, find the most useful and place it all in one board.

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