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Spicy Etiquette

Liveitloud | Jun 25, 2010 04:53 PM

This is partly a complaint and a request. First off, I like spicy food and I don't mean a little extra cumin. I mean food that your head sweats, you mop your face, your heart races and the endorphins go wild. I am a chili head.

No matter where I go whether it be Mexican, Asian or Thai I say....."I want it extra, extra, extra hot." "I want it to hurt." What I usually get is a scoville unit of 100.

So, is there a specific etiquette that I don't know about? A secret menu that is only shared with certain ethnic groups? Yes, I am white but I like really spicy food.

Are there any other chili heads out there and how do you navigate through a menu at {insert your restaurant here} to get a meal that brings the heat? I would appreciate any help, idea's or names of establishments you might have that would help me in my quest. :)

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