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How much do you spend on groceries each month?

Croissant | Jun 22, 201212:39 PM

I am SHOCKED by the amount of money we spend at the grocery store and I'm wondering how this amount compares to the rest of you??

On average, our family of four spends $800/month!!! Is this a lot compared to everyone else?!
A few things to note:
-Our family of 4 includes 2 kids under 5 years old....SO, while they are good eaters and breakfast and lunch, they don't eat a whole lot at dinner.
-We are mostly eating at home... we dine out maybe once or twice a month.
-I generally buy meat that is on sale. I can't really stockpile since we don't have the freezer space, but I will try to buy larger cuts of meat that can be used for several meals
-I do clip coupons (I use couponmom.com) but we don't eat any frozen meals or store bought cookies, etc.
-I generally buy frozen veggies with the exception of salad, sweet potatoes, white potatoes
-my kids & i LOVE fruit, so I do buy quite a bit of fruit, but generally not out of season. We've been eating a lot of strawberries and blueberries lately because they are on sale. I recently went to the store to buy lunchmeats and produce and left spending $45 with barely nothing to show for it
-We eat a pasta dish at least once a week (and sometimes more)
-As much as my husband hates it, we eat "breakfast for dinner" maybe once every other week

So... all in all, as much as I LOVE to cook and peruse all the great chowhound recipes and ideas, I know that we can't afford to be real foodies. I feel like we're spending all of this money, yet have nothing to show for it and, in general, eat pretty boring :-(

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