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spectacular peach alert


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spectacular peach alert

john farago | Jul 4, 2003 11:23 AM

the recent thread on peach quality made me recall the great donut peaches that i had gotten with a Frieda's label several years ago; since then I have dug Frieda's up on the internet, but their prices have seemed very high for produce i could get in stores in NYC, so i have never bought from them directly

then, soon after reading the thread and thinking about Frieda's, i was trying to find Meyer lemons in NYC (to make lemon sorbet) and was nort successful,. but i looked at Frieda's website and found them, so i ordered a box, figuring they'd be great; they weren't; i guess it's just not their season

to their credit, Freida's offered to credit my charge card, but by then i had noticed that donut peaches were in season at Frieda's so i asked if they'd send me a box of peaches instead

the box arrived yesterday; the peaches were genuinely unbelieveably ecstatically great; large, squooshed to donut shape, firm, sweet, juicy, not a trace of mealiness, better than anything in the stores

near as i can figure, the varietal name for these peaches is Saturn peaches; Frieda's has the name Donut Peach trademarked; so these are just Frieda's marketing of a more widely available and often very good peach, the Saturn peach, in past years the August Saturn peaches (frieda's and others') seemed less reliable and mealier to me; but these July peaches are the peche de la peche

cost is about $45 for a box of 40 peaches; if you can use 40 peaches, that's about what Fresh Direct is getting for Saturn peaches that are smaller and far less flavorful

these things stay in their prime for only about 3 weeks as i recall, so if you're psyched, you have to hit them in July


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