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Special requests and the quiddity of a restaurant dish


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Special requests and the quiddity of a restaurant dish

ipsedixit | Oct 12, 2006 11:31 PM

... when do special requests go too far as to essentially strip away what a dish is all about?

For example, at lunch today in a rather tight and crowded setting I could clearly overhear what the table next to us was ordering.

The entree in question was a pecan-crusted salmon, with couscous, sweet corn and ginger shallots.

The gentleman ordering this dish asked that the pecan crust be served on the side, white pilaf be substituted for the couscous and if there werer other veggies available instead of the corn and shallots (he got instead what the server called "a grilled medley").

Ok, now I understand not liking certain items or preferring the dressing on the side, etc., but what this person did was essentially re-make the dish.

The only resemblance to the original was the salmon!

At that point, why not just request the kitchen to grill up a piece of salmon with some veggies.

Anyone out there have a tendency to make extreme requests? If so, I'd like to get your thinking on it.

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