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Ever miss out on a special culinary experience because of a food allergy or health-related dietary restriction?

goodhealthgourmet | Dec 1, 201005:20 PM

i ask because at this very moment i *could* be taking a tour of the kitchen at Morimoto Napa before sitting down to enjoy a private dinner cooked by Chef Morimoto himself...but i had to turn down the [very generous] invitation from a close friend because thanks to my Celiac disease & soy intolerance i wouldn't have been able to eat half of what was put in front of me, and i felt it would be disrespectful to the chef if i just sat there and didn't even try the dishes that could potentially make me sick. grrr.

when i was griping to Mom about it, she reminded me that years ago she & Dad were invited to a tasting dinner at Lespinasse in NYC...and before they even got into the first course they had to leave because the odor of fish was so strong that Mom's life-threatening seafood allergy made her severely ill.

have any of my fellow Hounds had to forgo something similarly great or unique for a reason like that? c'mon guys, commiserate with me!

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