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What's so special about Burgerville?

Dr Chow | Feb 27, 200812:19 AM

Hello burger aficionados,

I've noticed a lot of fairly rave reviews/recommendations for Burgerville USA, and having gone there twice and sampled a bit of their product, I don't get it. I do not care much for their shakes; the seasonal Blackberry was OK, but was full of seeds, and the seasonal hazelnut was downright nasty -- for the record, I like hazelnuts and many hazelnut products. The fries are so-so. The burger patties are OK (Yeah, I've heard about how they supposedly use high-grade, local beef, so save it), but the buns are soggy and limp (why can't they toast or grill them, for cryin' out loud?). Their onion rings aren't bad, but you don't get a lot in an order. Overall fairly mediocre; other family members concur with my appraisal. It may beat Micky D's (what doesn't?), but I think I prefer even Burger King over B-ville, although I haven't eaten at one in years. From what I remember of Dick's in SEA -- albeit a score years ago -- their burgers are better/tastier.

As back story, I grew up in PDX and never ate at B-ville; their commercials and outside decor gave me the impression, even as a high schooler, of being a hack chain. And for those aforementioned score years, I lived in Pasadena, CA -- a chow haven. Give me an In-n-Out or Tommy's burger any day -- not to mention those from a myriad of very tasty independent or small-chain burger/fast-food joints down there. They know how to make burgers down there, I'll tell you what. So perhaps I'm spoiled.

Alas, now that I've moved back to the PNW and visit PDX, most of the old-school independent fast-food/burger joints I remember from my youth there are no more. Can anybody give some recommendations on old-school burger drive-ins in the greater PDX area?

As an aside on SoCal burger joints, they are just plain legion down there. While in grad school, I met a fella studying air pollution in the LA basin. He told me that the primary source of very fine, i.e. small, air particulates there are the kitchen exhausts from these places.

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