Best Spatula to Flip An Egg?

sivyaleah | Jul 1, 201208:53 AM     31

Suddenly this morning, I realized none of my spatulas do a decent job of flipping an egg.

I have some really good ones. A great silicone flexible one that seems to be rather all purpose that is perfect for burgers and most other foods. A nice stiff silicone spatula for fish that hasn't broken a piece yet. Stainless ones which I don't use as much anymore, but do a great job when I'm not using non-stick pans.

But, as I went to make over easy eggs this morning for English Muffin sandwiches, I ran into a problem. Was cooking them in a medium cast iron pan, using the flexi spatula that I've used dozens of times before, but, maybe not for flipping an egg that I remember - I don't make over easy eggs all that frequently.

First one went over ok, but the second, slid off, went overboard, down the side of the pan, all over my stove top, and down into the grate and oops, past the pan, and so forth. Had to wind up cleaning the entire stove top and beyond to clean up the mess (it's a professional stove, open burners - was a mess).

Anyway - it occurred to me that this spatula was not stiff enough to handle the job at all. The fish one, was too stiff and thick at the front to turn the egg (I tried). The metal one - was too large for the pan with two eggs in it. I think I would have potentially ruined the first egg in the process. Of course, I could use a larger pan, but realized that after the fact.

Anyway - my point it - certainly there has to be a spatula which specifically works for flipping eggs, or isn't there? It seems there are so many out there now which have dedicated jobs. Or is there an all purpose one which I'm missing that I need to incorporate into my tool box?

I'm not particular as far as brand/material/price. I just want it to be able to get the egg up and over without losing it!

Please don't suggest flipping in the pan. I have problems with my wrists, and while I can manage to do this with vegetables and meats/seafood pretty well; an egg is a bit much for me to manage (especially when using a cast iron pan).

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