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Southern Foods

Amin (London Foodie '''') | Sep 5, 2005 08:01 PM

Southern Foods

While doing some research on the New Orleans board, have come across some extremely interesting past topics (including many previous LA posters -wonder where they are now), and was thinking of identifying some typical creole / cajun items from that area.

Acme's oysters
Creole mustard
Coconut cake
Ferdi (?) sandwich
Crawfish etoufee (sp)
Green tomatoes
Hansens snow-bliz (nectar & peach creme)
Hibigs new orleans style pies
Zapps potato chips

Am also particularly interested in hearing of some special spices, pickles,condiments, ingredients and such like (eg Creole mustard) which are renowned from that region

ps: hopefully this is the right board to post this on, however incase the CHT wishes it moved to another board, please bear in mind that its now 1am here and am now asleep and having a nice dream so will check tomorrow.


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