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Best source for Pomelos?


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Best source for Pomelos?

Sirujs | Jan 15, 2005 10:16 PM

Hello Chowhounds,

During the past couple of years i've developed a serious attachment to pomelos (aka pummelo, shaddock, "Chinese grapefruit").

Since moving back to Toronto six months ago, i haven't been able to find a reliable source for them. The range of quality, price, and style of the fruit has been highly variable.

I prefer the whiter flesh style to the pink "red pomelos" marketed by Sunkist and available in many grocery stores. Red pomelos seem to be gaining popularity, but i find their flavour less subtle and more similar to factory farmed grapefruit.

Does anyone have recommendations for buying quantities of around 8 per week? Have you found consistently good quality at a price of $3 or less? I know some schools sell cases of fresh citrus for fundraising, but i don't know of anyone selling pomelos...

Here are my recent forays:

-chinatown: tried several from the fruit stores on the west side of spadina just north of Dundas. they were very dry and chock full of seeds

-kensington market: several greengrocers that i regularly frequent don't carry them

-kitchen table: in forest hill village, have some of the best pomelos i've had, wrapped in plastic. at $4 and up, they're rather pricey for my family's current consumption of 8+ per week.

-Loblaws: only periodically available at st.clair & bathurst, and expensive @ $4.00

no frills, highland farms, costco: standard price of $3; variable quality, usually sunkist red pomelos.

I'm more than happy to buy in larger quantities or travel within the GTA if it's worth the trip.



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