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Sodastream? To buy or not to buy, hmmmm?

Caroline1 | Jun 30, 201204:04 AM

I'm having a debate with myself over whether to buy one of these contraptions. I'm primarily interested in being able to generate club soda. Where I live, it's a hassle tracking it down. My preference would be an old fashioned glass syphon bottle, but the last one I mail ordered didn't work and had to go back. What a hassle. But I do like being able to "pour" a glassful with the syphon bottle as opposed to having to make soda one liter at a time with the Sodastream, but ideals sometimes have to be compromised. Do you find it an economical choice, or is it strictly a matter of convenience? I figure some of you out there are likely to have first hand experience with Sodastream. I'd love to know what you think about yours. Do you love it, hate it, and would you buy another? Thanks for your thoughts!

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