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Sobey's high security - opening date confidential! (moved from Ontario board)

millygirl | Jan 10, 200812:08 PM

After reading all week about how Loblaw's is going downhill on an earlier thread I was beginning to get really excited about the new Sobey's opening up on Laird Avenue. Last time I drove by they had a 'Now Hiring' sign up in the parking lot and what seemed like a lot of action going on inside. So I go on line but since I could not find an opening date I sent an email to ask. I was very surprised to get a generic email back stating that 'opening dates are confidential until publicly advertised'. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! Maybe it's just me but this strikes me as totally stupid. Talk about pissing off a potential customer. What harm would it be to give me an approximate date? Obviously I can see from the action it will be soon. I would think they would be happy to generate a buzz, no??

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