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Soapy Cilantro -- do you think so?


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Soapy Cilantro -- do you think so?

Dev | Jan 26, 2006 10:37 PM

While reading the Chinese tea thread below, I read a note about soapy-tasting cilantro on Butterfly's post. I've always thought cilantro tasted soapy, and not only don't I enjoy the flavor (who likes to eat soap?!?) but I don't like the smell and hate it when I get it on my hands. (I used to have a rabbit who loved to eat cilantro, and it was a labor of love to bring it home for him to eat.)

I wish I could love it. I find that if I greatly reduce rather than ommit it from most recipes I can deal with it. Now it sounds like I'm not the only person who finds cilantro soapy-tasting. Anyone else in this boat?

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