Is it snobbery, bad management, good marketing or .....


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Is it snobbery, bad management, good marketing or .....

SandyW | Aug 23, 2004 10:55 AM

Here in Chicago (Skokie) Rivka couldn't get in to Bugsy's the other night (see her previous post), I couldn't get in, when I wanted to, the last two times I tried. And yet while I'm standing there asking for a table AND being told no there are almost always empty or emptying tables. Both times I ate someplace else. And we have gotten so fed in the past that we went for months without returning.

Is this snobbery, bad management, good marketing, a common practice in your experience at "nicer" sit down restaurants? Anyone know if this is a practice at established non-kosher places? I've heard about creating a perceived high demand by creating a wait in new places, but in older, established, places?

Is it real demand? I don't know and I wonder. We had two "nicer, meat" restaurants open and close in the last year. Granted one was Moroccan and I suspect the flavors were too "unusual" for many in Chicago, and the other had service and maybe other problems but still they're gone.

Any thoughts?


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