How Smooth is Smooth on Seasoning CI


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How Smooth is Smooth on Seasoning CI

chefwong | Oct 7, 2012 12:58 PM

Previously has a LeCreu Square Griddle. It was a bear to clean - ended up giving that away...

New DeBuyer CI pans. Some F'ups along the way with Dear Other deciding to reheat and braise some leftovers with one....

Grrr. It was not too seasonsed but how seasoned is seasoned. Should the intial coat and every coat be smooth ? I must be doing something wrong as the center/bottom is smooth but the sides are gunky - and not smooth. Should I expect this to be smooth over time with BUILDUP or am I better off trying to take this down to scratch and then reseason fresh ? I know what in theory proper seasoning is. I have a wok that is baby's smooth - on the whole interior inside. I don't recall even giving it that much love. Just high heat and wipe of the oil. I suppose it could be different steeling than the De Buyer.

Need some help. Looking to get that baby smooth uniform on the entire interior of the pan

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