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Help - Smoking a leg o' wild boar!?

ButcherRyan | Sep 9, 201105:19 PM

I work at a butcher shop and happened to procure a 16lb (bone in) leg of wild boar that's been corned (brined). I have very little experience smoking and I'd love to hear some input on how to smoke the bad boy; my main question is how long to have it on the smoker? Is it gonna be closer to 12 hrs or 24?

A few things that I'm thinking - since it's wild boar, it's gonna be pretty lean - much leaner than, say, a pork shoulder, so I'm basing my recipe off of smoked brisket recipes. Right now I'm soaking the meat (to get excess brining solution out). When I'm ready to start smoking it, I'm gonna score the fat on the top and throw it into a 450 degree oven for around 20 mins to sear it. Then I'll take it out, apply a wet rub, and throw it in my kettle which ought to be at about 225 degrees (indirect heat, pans of water underneath the leg, Lazzari charcoal). Let the smoker do its thing, and wait for the internal temp come up to just shy of 190.

I'm planning on having it tomorrow (sat, 9/10) for a BBQ, so right now I'm thinking that I'm gonna start it on the smoker around midnight tonight (Fri) and hope that it's done around 5pm tomorrow so I can pull it off and let the hunk o' boar rest for an hour before serving. That'll be around 17 hours on the smoker.

For the veteran smokers out there, a little additional info - in terms of the dimensions of the leg, it's kind of broad and flat - much like a leg of lamb; it's not like a ham that is circular with the bone in the middle. I'd imagine this'll affect the smoking time.....

Chowhounds and veterans of the smoker - what do you think? Any suggestions and pointers are appreciated!

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