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Smoked Tomatoes?


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Smoked Tomatoes?

nja | Aug 25, 2003 06:01 PM

I saw smoked tomatoes on a cooking show a while ago (In case you're wondering: Tyler's Ultimate, Pizza Episode, on Food Network). I'm wondering if anybody has any tips about them.

They were in Naples using them to make pizza sauce. The tomatoes were bigger than cherries but smaller than romas. The whole tomatoes were bound together in huge clusters, much like a braid of garlic. The amazing thing though was that several months after being picked and smoked, they were still juicy inside: they were nothing like sundried tomatoes but rather like preserved, intact, fresh tomatoes.

I tried Googling for info, but all I seemed to come up with were recipes where the tomatoes were cut up, smoked, and eaten immediately. I'm interested instead in the possibility of preserving fresh tomatoes without canning.

Does anybody have any info about these? Some things I'm wondering:
- How are these in recipes, especially compared to either truly fresh or canned tomatoes?
- How can I make them myself?
- What types of tomatoes would be best for this technique?
- Where can I buy them if I choose not to make my own (in SF or mail order)?


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