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"Slow cooking" is Fast! "Fast cooking" is SO SLOW!

phan1 | Feb 24, 200802:45 AM

OK, let me explain. When I know I'm going to be busy during the week and not have much time/energy to cook, I always prepare a big batch of slow-cooked food that will get better with age. Things like curries, braises, and stews made beforehand are really the perfect "fast food". Yes, it's going to take hours to make it beforehand, but at least those hours are set aside for you to be able to take your time and get things right. All you need to heat it and eat it. Now that's good, fast home cooking done right!

Now if I'm really busy, I would NEVER look for a Rachel Ray for help. All this "Fast Cooking" that people advertise is not fast at all! You got to plan some grocery shopping, cut up the food, take out your pots and pans, and then do the dishes. You just spent 2 hours feeding yourself a meal that probably isn't even as satisfying as your local Taco Bell. And if you're living alone and doing it all yourself, than you can totally forget it! I'm eating out! Also, it takes Rachel 20 minutes to cook; it's going to take an unorganized guy with no sense of mise-en-place twice as long easily (from experience, hehe).

I would just really like to see more programs and chefs promote "good food", and I'm totally sick of "fast food quick and easy" cookbooks and programs. COOKING TAKES A LOT OF TIME! STOP FOOLING YOURSELF! TAKE YOUR TIME AND ENJOY IT! The only way you're going to make things fit into a busy schedule is planning, timing, and pre-preparation. The only useful "fast food" tips I've gotten from a book are stuff like "this can be frozen for later use" or "this can be made 2 days ahead". And really, all dishes out there can be made into an edible 20 minute version, so please don't talk to me like you're advertising something special. I'd much rather see a celebrity chef who isn't going to compromise making great food and then let the people decide what they can and can't make.

But I must also admit that I'm a cooking enthusiast, so I could be the odd man out. I have an obsession with making perfect food. Busy schedules don't mean that I have to make less then perfect food; it just means that I don't have time to fiddle around with dishes that require spot-on preparation.

*end of rant*

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