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Slimy Cold cuts

Dax | Aug 27, 2003 01:39 PM

This seems like a stupid question, but ...

I don't tend to buy cold cuts much these days as I usually eat out for lunch. But lately I've been trying to scrounge for vacations and have gone back to packing my lunch. Why is it that every time I buy cold cuts (mostly ham and turkey), after they sit in the fridge for 4+ days they tend to get somewhat slimy? The meat does not smell funny and after rinsing it tastes fine, but the sliminess is not so appetizing. The brand does not seem to matter but it's generally only ham, turkey and chicken, the roast beef is fine. What is the shelf life of the average cold cut in the refrigerator? I keep them in the deli bags always and sometimes in tupperware too. Do they need to "sweat" or something?



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