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Singapore fried noodles - rant


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Singapore fried noodles - rant

vidia | Dec 2, 2004 07:13 PM

OK - pet peeve of mine for a while but resurrected by another post. I have to know - where the heck does this dish come from - certainly not Singapore, which is where I am from and I have never had any noodle dish resembling what Chinese restaurants call Singapore fried noodles! Seems to me if you put some curry powder on vermicelli and fry it up you have "Singapore fried noodles" - Singapore is a major food paradise and to be represented by this one inauthentic (and not particularly tasty) dish just hurts me! If you want to try real Singaporean food, go to a Malaysian restaurant - the food (and culture) is very close.

There - feel better.

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