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Richard 16 | Dec 20, 2007 09:33 AM

Let me share what was, to me, a CH moment.

So, I'm at my favorite St. Louis seafood shop (Bob's Seafood) and I pick up some big (13-15) pre-cooked P&D shrimp. I look through my fridge and pantry, check out threads here on CH and do searches at FN and Epi, and have some good ideas.

I'm tired, so I just get the shrimp out - and eat half of them. No sauce, no marinade, no accompanying anything. They didn't need it - not that I have *any*objections to any of that. (Heck, I used to be a chef...) I closed my eyes and just ate, taking little bites and savoring the flavor. I didn't even get a plate -- just a bowl for the bits of tail shell...

I'm sure many of you have similar stories. Care to share?

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