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Simple vs. Complicated


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Simple vs. Complicated

Davwud | May 9, 2007 11:27 AM

So I was reading a thread in which someone posted that they thought it was easier to screw up a complicated dish.

My feeling is quite the opposite. Here in TO was have an ongoing thread (Or three) about where to get a good burger. Same goes for pizza. Hot dogs as well.

My feeling is that the easier a dish is, the easier it is to screw up. Burgers being the big example in my mind. The burger was invented as a way to use up some lesser cuts of beef. It was ground, simply seasoned and put on a griddle. Put it on a bun with a few simple condiments and you have an excellent sandwich. Nowadays, you have all these people with mushrooms in the meat. Alfalfa sprouts and truffles as a garnish. People are trying way to hard and it's ruining the mighty burger.
The grilled cheese sandwich. No longer is it buttered sandwich bread, griddled with American cheese. Now we have goats milk butter, brioche bread and a blend of three cave aged cheese.

I could go on but I'm even boring myself.

So which is it. Easier to screw up the complicated dishes or the easier ones??

I may add, in my mind it's easier to screw up the technique dishes. Smoked foods, breads, etc.


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