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The Silver Spoon New Edition opinions?


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The Silver Spoon New Edition opinions?

Migas | Jul 19, 2012 10:06 AM

Hi all! First post here, just joined chowhound though I've read many discussions before.

So, here's the thing: I'm currently looking for a good cookbook on Italian cuisine. I want something quite comprehensive and authentic. (I like more modernist, non-traditional things and making stuff up as well but that's not what I'm looking fo right now)

One of the books that obviously came to my attention was the Silver Spoon by Phaidon but I've read a lot of bad stuff about it, regarding wrong measurements and untested recipes as well as non-sensical, badly translated instructions.

However, it soon came to my attention that Phaidon has released a new, updated version, in late 2011 and I was wondering, how is it?
Did the issues get fixed? Is it comprehensive like I want? What kind of non-recipe info does it include?
Also, how does it compare to Culinaria Italy, considering I've heard some very good things about the Culinaria series?

Feel free to give other suggestions regarding which book to buy :)

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