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silly basic question

cookiemonster | Sep 30, 2002 08:37 PM

I'm a fairly decent, fairly experienced cookie (I like to think), but despite much trial and error have not managed to make the perfect roast chicken. Or even the really good one. The ideal I'm shooting for is more or less what you get served at California Chicken Cafe or Zankou or, if perhaps you remember Chicken Naturel in LA about fifteen years ago? If you're not in LA, it's a simple, basic crisp skinned chicken, with just a tiny tiny bit of lemon taste...but for some reason they never come out when I try to make them. I've attempted both roasting and using my oven's rotisserie. It makes me grouchy, and the results are edible but not excellent.
My unending gratitude in advance (and my family's--they're tired of being chicken-tasting guinnea pigs).

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