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Silk - Soy Milk - Spoilage


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Silk - Soy Milk - Spoilage

Joe Berger | Feb 18, 2010 07:33 AM

I'm kinda new to soy milk, but when a local grocer had them on a half price promotion, I bought a vanilla and a chocolate half gallon. they both had a 2 month good till use expiration. I open both of them up, tried them both, they seem OK, put them back in my very cold fridge.

2 weeks later the chocolate carton actually exploded inside my fridge!

stranger still is the vanilla one is perfectly fine and drinkable. it says on the carton that silk is only good for 7-10 days after opening, even though it has a 2 month good till use date.

this is all new to me, because when you buy regular lowfat milk, it matters little if you open the carton - it's always the "good till use date" that determines when regular milk is likely to turn soar on you when left inside your fridge. (yes, I'm sure breaking the seal matters by a few days - but please don't get distracted by that issue)

so I call Silk and ask them a simple question. is one flavor more likely to spoil faster than another, or was my chocolate spoiling a quality control issue. so they gave me the company line - once it's opened you are dead in a week or two - and no - flavor does not matter at all.

I'm left to ask all you health concerned folk here who presumably are more familiar with silk/soy milk consumption than I apparently was.

1. how long does YOUR soy milk stay drinkable after you first opened it.

2. did you notice a spoilage rate difference one brand or flavor over another.

thanks for your time considering this.

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